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Mr. Modem's Web Site - Privacy Policy

Mr. Modem's Web Site, owned by Get-the-Net, Inc., is continually striving to provide outstanding service and information to you, as a visitor to this site, while building a long-lasting relationship with you as a friend and reader of Mr. Modem's books, columns and/or subscription newsletter.

Mr. Modem respects your right to privacy. When you visit this Web site, you may be providing information on three different levels:

1. Anonymous statistics collected as you browse this site;

2. Personal information you knowingly provide ONLY when subscribing to Mr. Modem's newsletter; and

3. Demographic information you voluntarily supply, that may be used to send you periodic news updates, tips and special offers specifically approved by anti-spam zealot, Mr. Modem.

We want you to be aware how this information is utilized:

Statistics about your visit to the site:

As you visit the many pages accessible on this site, Mr. Modem's host computers collect information about your visit -- not about you personally, just your visit. Through the use of Web server logs statistics such as how many people visit the site, which pages are visited and how frequently, from which domains visitors arrive (e.g., ""), and which browsers visitors use when visiting the site are developed.

None of this information is associated with you as an individual. These statistics are used to improve the Web site, to monitor its performance, and to make sure your visits to Mr. Modem's Web site are a positive experience for you.

Personal information you knowingly provide:

In order to subscribe to Mr. Modem's weekly newsletter, you will be required to provide personal information including your name, address, telephone number, credit card number and expiration date.

This information is used solely and exclusively to process your credit card in the amount of $4.95 each month, for as long as you subscribe to the publication. The information you provide is never sold or otherwise provided to outside vendors or individuals.

Mr. Modem and Get-the-Net, Inc. value and respect your privacy.

Demographic information you voluntarily provide:

When you provide information such as ZIP code, gender and age range, this information, along with your e-mail address, may be used on rare occasion to provide you with hot-off-the-modem news and special offers specifically approved by the pathologically fussy, compulsively anti-spam Mr. Modem. You will NOT receive offers to have your body parts made bigger, smaller, fatter, thinner, longer, shorter, firmer, or perkier. You may receive information about Mr. Modem's appearances in your area or other items of similar interest -- well, assuming something like that is of interest.

You will not receive anything that hasn't been personally approved by Mr. Modem -- and he rarely approves anything -- including this Privacy Policy. Oh, if you only knew...

Comments or questions about this privacy policy should be directed to