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Favorite Links

Memory Lane

American Memory
Black-and-White photographs from the Great Depression to World War II.

Any Day in History
Select the month and day, then click the Show Events button to view an extensive list of individuals born on your selected month and day, plus deaths on that date, soldiers missing in action, historic events of the day, worldwide holidays, religious observances, religious history of the day selected, and a “Thought for the day,” which I could easily live without. But maybe that’s just me.

A&E's award-winning television program on the Web. More than 20,000 biographies and 1,200 videos.

Brooklyn History
The Brooklyn Historical Society online is a virtual library, museum and education center dedicated to preserving the culture and heritage of Brooklyn.

Snippets of time captured from the golden age of radio and television. Includes profiles, scripts, audio and video clips and discussion groups.

D-Day Memorial
Hosted and maintained by The National D-Day Memorial Foundation, a group of veterans and volunteers organized as a non-profit corporation to maintain a memorial to Allied Forces who invaded the Normandy coast of France on June 6, 1944.

Early America
Historic documents from 18th Century America.

Eye Witness to History
This site is a recipient of the coveted Mr. Modem "Squeal of Approval” award of excellence. Fascinating content greets you at every click, like an American GI's story of his two-day London pass in 1944, or Pliny's account of the destruction of Pompeii by Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. All reports are compiled from first-hand sources. You'll also find rare black and white photos linked to historical events, and Voices of the 20th Century, with audio recordings of such gems as a comedy routine about 1942 gas rationing by Jack Benny, Gracie Allen and Eddy Cantor.

Fifties Web, The
The FiftiesWeb began as a site devoted to the 1950s…duh. Since then it has expanded to include Classic TV from the 60s, 70s and even some 80s TV shows, though we all know there was nothing worth watching after 1979, with the exception of Seinfeld. The Fifties Fashion section (Oh, how I miss my poodle skirt -- hey, it was a very confusing time) now includes the 60s, and you know how groovy we all looked in the 60s. The enchantingly named Dead People section pays tribute to those who have moved on to the great drive-in theater in the sky. There is oodles of info about Elvis, so what more could you possibly need?

History Buff's Home Page
The history of the world as recorded by newspapers. Site includes an intriguing guide to famous hoaxes involving newspapers.

Life in Legacy
Life in Legacy An interesting site that celebrates the lives of many individuals you don’t know and have never heard of. If you enjoy reading about the interesting lives and legacies of others who have passed away, you’ll find this site quite compelling. If you have no interest in people you don’t know, this is probably one site you can safely skip. The concept is simple. After bringing up a weekly page of pictures, place your mouse pointer over a photo to see a person's name and description. Click a picture to display a brief factoid about the decedent’s life. Click the person’s name to transport you back to the picture gallery.

Nostalgia Gallery of Stan Cline, The
Paintings that capture the scenes of yesterday on canvas. The gallery displays the artist's colorful time-capsules which encompass many themes, including city skylines, restaurants, drive-ins, beach and ocean scenes, baseball stadiums, gas stations, theatres, and more.

Oldies Music
"Stacks of wax, platters that matter, moldy oldies, the tops in pops. This dedication going out to Bonnie and Bobby, Susie and Stevie, Janie and Johnny, Molly and Mr. Mo." Everything “oldies” is front and center at this site. Oldies music, of course, but also oldies books, records, videos, news, trivia, and an oldies calendar that’s to die for with memorable events from rock n’ roll history presented every day.

On This Day
Select any day of the year and see who shares your birthday, as well as on-this-day in TV History, the Middle East, World War II, U.S. History, Presidential History, the Civil War, and various categories of sports, including basketball, baseball, football, and hockey.

Rewind the Fifties Clip Art
The site for those who remember cool cats, hep chicks, greasers, motorheads, beats and krazy kittens. A small collection of retro, vintage clipart and links to other resources.

Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
Reviews the life, times, death and legacy of President John F. Kennedy.

Sixties Project, The Vietnam Generation
An ongoing discussion of the sixties. Share your memories and stories with other site visitors.

Sports Trivia
Quick! In what round was Jack Johnson knocked out by Jess Willard in April 1915? Too tough? Okay, try this: In what year did China make its first appearance in the Summer Olympics? Still nothing? Okay, here comes a softball: What is the only year since 1893 in which there was no Stanley Cup winner? And you call yourself a sports fan? Here you'll find more than 5,000 sports trivia questions. Have fun!

Super Seventies Rock Site
If you’re into the 70s, put on your polyester leisure suit, your puka beads, and hustle on over to this site. Visit the 70s photo gallery, trivia and quizzes, a 70s almanac, the Top 100 Seventies Singles, posters (who can forget Farrah?), classic album covers, song lyrics, portraits, and a message board where you can hook up with other seventies freaks -- pardon me, with other wonderful people who share your enthusiasm for the seventies.

This Day in History
Courtesy of The History Channel, find out what happened on any day in history in various categories, including Automotive, Civil War, Cold War, Crime, Entertainment, General Interest, Literature, Old West, Vietnam War, Wall Street, and World War II.

Time Capsule
Enter a date, then click the Quick Page or Advanced Page buttons. The Quick Page displays an instant snapshot of the date, including the top news headlines, top songs, and what’s particularly intriguing is prices: The cost of a loaf of bread, milk, eggs, a car, gasoline (try not to start sobbing), the average price of a home (try not to start wailing), the price of first class postage stamp, average income, minimum wage, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (try not to throw yourself off the roof.) The Advanced Page allows you to select specific headlines, birthdays, songs, TV shows, toys, and books for the selected date. You can then edit the information, or add your own information to the final page. Cool!

Yesterday USA
Listen to old radio broadcasts such as Abbott and Costello, Amos and Andy, Burns and Allen.